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Tonic Immobility for clarinet/bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, and bassoon/contrabassoon

Premiered by Keyed Kontraptions

Davis, CA October 2020

Twilit for clarinet, violin, and viola
Premiered by Earplay

San Francisco, CA February 2020

Four Songs for soprano and piano

Premiered by Ann Moss and Karen Rosenak

Davis, CA May 2019

Beautiful Bones for solo cello

Premiered by Rhonda Rider

Davis, CA January 2019

Thaw for string quartet

Premiered by Daedalus Quartet

Davis, CA January 2019

Dead Paper for soprano, flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion, harp, and cello

Premiered by Ensemble Dal Niente

Davis, CA November 2018

Murmuration for two oboes and string quartet

Premiered by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble

Berkeley, CA November 2018

San Francisco, CA November 2018

Desert Glass for cello and percussion

Premiered by Adam Davis and Tim Stanley

Sacramento, CA November 2018

Performed by David Russell and Declan Hayden

Boston, MA June 2019

Fleeting, Fleeing for haegeum and viola

Premiered by Ellen Ruth Rose and Soo Yeon Lyuh

Davis, CA October 2018

Etude no. 1 for solo piano

Premiered by Jihye Chang

San Francisco, CA September 2018

Performed by Sharon Lee Kim

San Francisco, CA September 2020

Unravel for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello, and piano

Premiered by Emmalie Tello, Tobias Esler , Nicholas Politi, and Katerina Moskaleva.

Cesena, Italy July 2018

Marcescence for solo violin

Premiered by Miranda Cuckson

Davis, CA May 2018

Opens Lark in its Constellation for soprano and piano

Premiered by Brooklyn Art Song Society

Davis, CA May 2018

San Francisco, CA May 2018

Prismatic for electric guitar and percussion

Premiered by Living Earth Show

Davis, CA February 2018

Scatter for haegeum, gayageum, violin, and cello

Premiered at Pacific Rim Music Festival

Santa Cruz, CA 2017

Extraction of Stars for clarinet, violin, and piano

Premiered by Empyrean Ensemble

Davis, CA June 2017

Of the Moon for soprano and piano

Read by Lucy Fitz Gibbon and Ryan McCullough

Davis, CA May 2017

Pressure System for percussion trio

Premiered by Chris Froh, Jordan Shippy, and Michael Austin

Davis, CA April 2017

Celestial Sparks for solo marimba

Premiered by Tyler Tsunekawa

Sacramento, CA September 2016

Soliloquy for solo trombone

Premiered by Eric Foster

Sacramento, CA 2016

Cloudburst for flute and piano

Premiered by Caleb Hathaway and Luann Higgs

Sacramento, CA 2016

Trio for french horn, violin, and piano

Premiered by Brian O'Donnell, Ardalan Gharachorloo, and Luann Higgs

Sacramento, CA 2016

Within the Labyrinth for two violins, cello, and double bass

Premiered by Anna Presler, Addie Camsuzou, Zachary McGee, and Miles Tsue

Sacramento, CA 2015

Momentary Abstractions for violin and piano

Premiered by Paolo Reyes and Ryan Suleiman

Sacramento, CA 2014

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